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I was over 35 when I gave birth to Baby Max. My middle son was 11 years old and my older son had just turned seventeen. It wasn't easy starting over again ... Mother Baby Child is a blog to share parenting experiences, as well as what marriage is like after being a single mom for so many years. Get info on having a baby, raising children, babies, tweens, teens, homeschooling, mom blogs, work at home mom. business marketing, Christian and celebrity moms blog posts.
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~ Philippians 4:13 (KJV)
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Where do you rank in the virtual mommy arena? Do you know?

A blog or website is pretty much a requirement these day; especially for family friendly and mom business owners. They help you reach other moms that turn to the Internet for shopping, networking and research needs. The problem is not so much creating a blog or website, but what to do once you have it. You need quality web content to attract visitors and gain search engine ranking. You need to position your website or blog in places where people can find it, so that you can accomplish goals. Once you have these important Internet Marketing needs accomplished, you need to "step up you game" in order to get your fair market share ... Of course, this is extremely important to mom business owners; especially SAHMs that are using the Internet to become WAHMs. In this case, their websites are the "life line" for their business and having top notch Internet Marketing strategies are the key to their success. On the other hand, most mom bloggers eventually want to make make money online and use their blogs for business and personal communication with other moms.

Where are you in this hierarchy of the mom business / mom blogging world? Just getting started or well on your way?

Do you have a website or blog? Does it uniquely reflect who you are and what you do (is it customized) or is it a free template? Could you use better web content? Is your blog content unique or do you post a lot of information provided from others' websites? Are you getting enough blog or website traffic? Is your website or blog generating income? Do you have an Internet marketing plan? Are you utilizing social media and current online marketing trends? The questions are vast, but the reality is that TIME IS MONEY ...

Maybe you are a mother that like to blog for fun, meeting other moms and mind clarity. It's awesome that you have that luxury, therefore this Mom Marketing page is not for you. Please click the LIKE button on the right side of the page, so that you can share this page with someone that can use the information.

If you are a mompreneur or mom blogger that would like to improve the quality of your blog and / or online marketing efforts, then bookmark this page or click a social icon on the right hand side of this page and save it to one of your social sites. I have started to add Marketing Tips and business information that can help you.

Please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME directly, if you need help in any of these areas. This is the work that I do when not mom blogging. My rates are not cheap, but they are fair and I provide quality Internet business services.

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