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6 Month Doctor Appointment

6 month immunization, 6 month vaccines, well baby doctors appointment
Picture of Baby Max - 6 Month Old - July 2011 - Sits up, watches Sprout on TV, babbles DaDa all day long, follows and tries to grab shadows, plays with toys, eats stage two food in his high chair BUT does NOT want to sleep in his crib at night and hates his nurse :(

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Max had his 6 month doctor appointment the other day. All three of us crammed into the little examination room (Daddy, Mommy, Brother). He was excited to see his nurse (she is a new one that has only done a weight and height for him before; she has not given him immunization shots), so he gave her a hundred gummy smiles and googly eyes. He was so adorable that she had to play with him for a little bit.

The nurse had us take off all of his clothes (diaper included), so that she could get an approximate weight before seeing the doctor ...

Max is 18.12 pounds (60%), 26 inches tall (24%) and 17 1/4 head circumference (50%). We were wondering if the height meant that he was going to be short, but the doctor says that it is too early to determine future height. We will have a been estimate of how tall he will be once he turns 2 years old. The doctor said that all else was perfect and addressed our concern that Max was overeating with a BIG "he's right on track".

Max also had his 6 month vaccinations ...

First, the nurse gave him the oral Rotavirus Vaccine. He drank this with no problem and smiled afterwards. The nurse then explained that he needed a DTaP/DTP, Polio, HIB, Hepatitis B, PneumoConju by way of 3 SHOTS ... All three of us held our breath. We have already done this twice before, but it does not get any easier. So, she gave the shots, he cried out for a minute between each and we lean down to kiss / comfort him, and then his father picked him up just as soon as the 3rd band aid was applied.

Max did the scariest thing ...

While in his father's arms and comforted enough to stop crying, he picked his head off of his father's shoulders, slowly turned his head towards the nurse (Exorcist like turn) and looked her straight in the eyes (she is short so they were eye level). It was one of those John Wayne - draw your guns - kind of stare with absolutely no expression. This is not like our Max; he is always smiling and laughing. In this case, he was studying the nurses face and had "no love" for her anymore.

I wonder what the future holds for a baby that takes such offense to getting vaccinations! Will he hate this poor nurse for the rest of his life?

It broke my heart when he had the first Hepatitis B shot in the hospital.

I remember thinking that between:

1) the doctor smacking his bottom at birth, the rough first cleaning to get the fluid off of him,
2) the nurses breaking his sleep pattern for the vitals,
3) my insisting on a circumcision
4) having his 1st Hepatitis shot before leaving the hospital,

as well as the future immunizations, bumps and bruises of learning to crawl, walk, run, school and take care of ourselves all the way up until we become adults ... LIFE is tough from the start. My baby is already impatient and takes extreme offense to anyone that hurts him. I THANK GOD that he still gives us lots of hugs and kisses no matter what ...

As a mother of 3 boys (older teen, tween and infant), I know that the challenge is in keeping it this way for the rest of their lives!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child