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Day 2: Thankful For My Guys! ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 | 30 Days Of Gratitude

30 Days of Gratitude. Day 2 Thankful for my sons and husband.

"In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you." ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:18 (NIV)

Day 2: Thankful For Sons & Husband | 30 Days Of Gratitude

I am having a laid back day today. Getting a lot done here on the computer, but totally grateful that everyone is calm and happy to hang out with one another. I look to the left (because I am sitting in the seat furthest to the right) and see 3 handsome faces doing their own things. One deep into the television, one looking so serious while texting on the phone and the youngest turns to look back before the other two ... I guess he felt like looking my way at the same time. There is an inexpressible feeling of love that overwhelms me. Just love with all it entails summed into one pang in the heart. How blessed we are to have one another. This one moment recognized as yet another gift from the Lord. I'm thankful for my guys!

Day 1: Thankful for you!

November 30 days of gratitude; what I am thankful for today and each day throughout the month!

November is here and I want to share my gratitude as this is the time year. I am always thankful for the family, friends and blessings; even more so when I look back from November 2012 until now. I want to thank you for subscribing to Mother Baby Child and thank you for all of your awesome mom blog posts, friendships and tutorials, too. I have learned so much from you. Plus, you have stuck with me through another year and even the time when I was building my new business and I could not blog; I appreciate your support at Google+ and Facebook, too. I just wanted to thank you Subscribing and members of the Moms Community for thinking enough of my mom journey.

"Wishing you all a happy November! May it not fly by too quickly like all other months!"

I know this is very last minute, but I welcome you to post your Day 1 to share with all of us, too!

In motherly love,