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2 Year Olds Are Terribly Terrific | Time To Retire "The Terrible Twos" Cliche

2 year olds terrible twos or terribly terrific?

Terrific 2 Year Olds | No Such Things As Terrible Twos

One would think that we would have ditched the term "terrible twos" by now. I absolutely hate it and feel like I was brainwashed to feel this way with child #1, though just did not see it that way by the time my 2nd child turned two and I certainly do not see it with child three. I think two years old is the most incredible stage in a child and parents life. It is a true transition from "baby" to "toddler" ... They are absolutely adorable in their Ds (demands, development and drama - LOL) - Two years olds are "terribly terrific" and we should start using that instead. Please make sure to LIKE and +1 if you agree!!!

I am using this post to link up to the past and future posts of what to expect when your baby turns 2 years old. From Potty training to potential potty mouth situations; temper tantrums and touching moments ... Terrific Twos!

2 Years Old Toddler Training

Potty Training (2 Years Old))
Potty Training our two year old has been quite an experience. It actually becomes more challenging as we move forward. Our 2 year old is awesome about not peeing in the pool (we know because he goes before we get in the pool and has to go immediately after his swim) and between diapers, but will not go without a diaper by his semi-tantrum choice and will not poop on the potty at all.

2 Years Old Independent Qualities

Toddler Reading, Playing, Helping (2 Years 2 months 23 Days)
This age reminds me of my 2nd son's favorite movies called Baby Geniuses. In the movie the babies had advanced universal knowledge and could speak a secret baby language, but 'cross over' at age two to become the toddlers we are all familiar with (learning to talk, reason and toddler development). I do believe our baby crossed over at 2 years one month old because he stopped talking as much as he had before (it was like he was speaking in sentences at age 1), though started doing all of these wonderfully amusing and developmentally appropriate things a few months later: reading to himself, stacking huge block towers, wanting to play trains, puzzles and drive his car without anyone pushing him. Best of all, our 2 year old became passionate about helping around the house.

2 Years Old Toddler Play

Order (2 Years 3 Months Old)
At first I thought our 2 year old was OCD or Autistic. Many moms have confirmed that his lining up cars, blocks and stuffed animals is just his toddler way of created order in his world. He continues to play like this as the months progress. By the time he was 2 years 4 months old, he would ask me to sit with him ("play with me mommy") to line up a lot of cars with the purpose of racing. He would not let me help at first, though this changed by the time he turned 2 years 6 months. He now likes us to sit and "play cars" which still consists of lining up his cars to "make em race" but every car goes in the line now.

In motherly love,
Lea @ Mother Baby Child