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I was over 35 when I gave birth to Baby Max. My middle son was 11 years old and my older son had just turned seventeen. It wasn't easy starting over again ... Mother Baby Child is a blog to share parenting experiences, as well as what marriage is like after being a single mom for so many years. Get info on having a baby, raising children, babies, tweens, teens, homeschooling, mom blogs, work at home mom. business marketing, Christian and celebrity moms blog posts.
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Our Baby Boy Born 12-27-2010

Newborn Baby Boy


After all of the long months of wondering if the doctor, nurses and ultrasound staff knew what they were doing, I gave birth to a healthy 7.7 lbs and 19 3/4 inch little boy ... we named him Maxwell. There were no complications for the baby or me, and we are more grateful than words that he is healthy. I guess that is how every mother feels, but considering that I had such horrible childbirth experiences with my first two boys and a few complications towards the end of this pregnancy (swollen, high blood pressure, induced 12 days early), I am thanking God over and over again for answering my prayers. Maxwell is such a little blessing. His brothers were there for the delivery and love him so much. Daddy is just in awe over his precious little "bundle of joy" ... Grandma is already "watching him grow" and does not want to go home after the holidays. Who would have imagined that I'd have a baby in my late 30s; my oldest son is 17 and my second son is 11 ... this is going to mark a new chapter in my book ... Let's call it an adventure!

There is nothing like hold our newborn baby boy :)

Newborn Baby Boy and Daddy
Baby and Daddy - Max looks so tiny in his father's arms.

Newborn Baby and Grandmother
Baby and Grandma - She like "watching him grow".

Big Brother and Newborn Baby Boy
Baby and Big Brother Nate - 17 years old.

New Born & Brother
Baby and Big Brother Jonny - 11 years old.

We are all just in love with this new addition to our family, and so thankful to God for all of the blessings during this time. Although it was not in my plans, I am so very grateful to be an over 35 mommy to baby Max, Jonny and Nate :)

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child

Penélope Cruz Pregnant

Over 35 and pregnant celebrity, Penélope Cruz baby bump picture
Penélope Cruz Pregnant. Picture is Courtesy of Pop Sugar

This over 35 and pregnant celebrity looks fantastic in her baby bump. Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem (married July of 2010) are expecting their first child in January 2011. She will be 36 years old when she gives birth. I personally think this is a great age to have a baby.

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child

Keyshia Cole Pregnancy Photo

Picture of Keyshia Cole Pregnant Christmas 2010 - Worse Maternity Clothes Best Photo

Think that celebrities have the best maternity clothes? Wrong!

Check out Keyshia Cole in this unflattering tutu! Her stylist should REALLY be ashamed ... Meanwhile, as I entered my 3rd trimester, my maternity clothes were not so flattering on my swollen body, too. I would have REALLY liked to have met and told off the person that approved skinny jeans for pregnant woman. Mind you that I am a curvy mommy, but I was not fat when I got pregnant. Either way, I ended up being more than just a "baby bump" and the department stores made it almost impossible to stick to the traditional elastic wasted pants. Plus, I wanted to sport jeans! In this case, every pair of maternity jeans that I found were ... SKINNY JEANS ... and at like $35 to $60 a pair when not on sale! Someone really needs to tell these companies that our legs swell and our butt gets bigger, therefore those skinny jeans with the mock jean waste are uncomfortable towards the 3rd trimester; especially when we are "ready to blow" at 9 months pregnant.

Leave the skinny jeans for the younger or pregnant moms that are all belly ... bring back the regular maternity jeans for those who develop more butt, belly and thighs during the process ... we will gladly wear our skinny jeans after we loose the pregnancy weight!

Anyways, the post here being that Keyshia Cole and Cleveland Cavaliers player Daniel Gibson were blessed with a beautiful 7 lbs. 3 oz baby boy that they named Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr. on Tuesday, March 2, 2010 at 11:54 p.m.

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child

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Having A Baby Over 35 & Pregnant | Sharing My Baby Experience & Life As A Parent

Almost 40 and Pregnant ... Mature mom shares her parenting experiences and baby blog

"I cannot explain what it is like to be over 35 years old and pregnant
EXCEPT that it has been quite an experience" ~ LC Hunt :)

Hello, my name is Lea and I am the CWAHM (Christian Work At Home Mom) of a teen and a tween. I am expecting my 3rd child in just a few weeks and am feeling extremely nervous because I am an older mommy (age 38) and feeling really heavy right about now.

CLICK HERE to learn more about my family and me!

Although this is my 3rd child, I am extremely nervous about this pregnancy. What if something goes wrong? What if the doctors missed something and our baby is not born healthy? What if something happens to me? Both of my older sons insist on being in the room while I am in labor
... Is this a good idea?


These are some of the things going through my mind this month. Meanwhile, our baby is due the first week of January ... The excitement is more than we can bare, though their is always an overshadow of nervousness that my body is too old to have a baby. I do have to admit that this was the best pregnancy I've had -well until the end when it felt like the baby would drop out - but I am hearing the same things from 1st time moms. Maybe that is not an age issue, but that babies are heavier or our bodies are different. Here is a list of what I experienced during my pregnancy:
  • I developed high blood pressure with this pregnancy.

  • I was rather fit before pregnancy, but put on about 30 pounds in my 1st trimester. My over all weight gain was more than I would have liked it to be, but I am always a fat pregnancy lady :)

  • The nurses and staff treated me differently because I was an older mommy to be. I was considered high risk and always had to answer the same questions over and over again. Additionally, it was hard to find a new OB / GYN when we moved and I needed to find a doctor that was closer. Thank God, I found one that treated me like gold.

  • I was really tired the 2nd and 3rd trimesters. This is more than I was used to being with my 1st two sons.

  • I started growing grey hairs like crazy.

  • I was always so hot. I could barely wear PJs or a gown at night.

  • My water retention was more than it was in previous pregnancies.

All-in-all, being pregnant over 35 was ok; not much worse then when I was 21 and 25 years old except towards the end when it felt like the baby was falling out of me when I walked a lot.

Being almost 40 and pregnant does have it's risks, advantages and disadvantages. Can you relate? If you were over 35 and pregnant, share your experience in the comment section below.

UPDATE: I was induced and had our baby on December 27th while my family was in town for Christmas. It was an incredible experience of minimal pain and lots of family support. My older son got to cut the cord and - little did I know - my 11 year old son was at my side and dispensed the epidural when I needed it. My mother and husband were also by my side. Praise the Lord for this wonderful blessing of having a baby over 35, my husband and loving family. We named our baby Maxwell. He was a healthy 7.7 lb baby boy that had no complications (my other two boys did have complications during labor).

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child