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Age 2 Part 2 | Lip Picking, Nose Digging, Sneaking Toddler & Poopy Diapers Flying

Going Crazy! Two year old potty training, lip picking, nose picking and more!
"I guess we're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy ..." ~ Seal

2 1/2 is a busy age with awesome conversations, play and a few bad habits!

I have to admit that life has been CRAZY since he turned 2 1/2 years old. It has been months of him sneaking around to tear off poopy diapers, lip picking, nose picking and sometimes he even has a little taste of his finger (YUCK). I am starting to wonder WHAT'S UP with that because he is so persistent about the picking. When not the lip it his is nose. I am frustrated that I cannot make him stop and hopeful that it will resolve on it own ... sooner than later!

Here's what life is like every 10 minutes or so these days (he is just about 2 years 10 months old) and so busy! I am grateful that my husband and teen help a lot!

Me: Max, are you picking your lip.

Max: NOOOOOOO (in a very loud and matter of fact like tone), I'm picking my nose!

Me: Well, stop picking your nose. It's yucky!

(Hiding my laugh - I go to Facebook to share this funny moment with my family. I look up because it's so quiet to find that HE DISAPPEARED)

Me: Max, where are you?

(No answer. I look in his bedroom because that is the only place he could be ... all of the other doors are locked to him from getting into everything. He jumps a mile high when he sees me because ... he was picking his nose in private this time - LOL.)

Me: What are you doing Max?

Max: AH, NO, it's the nose monster!

(He sounded just like a cartoon character, LOL, now I'm a nose monster? OK?)

So, I instruct my nose picking toddler to follow me out of his bedroom (to the living room) and I sit at my desk to write a post. I look up to see if he's come out of his room ...

Low and behold he's there with his pants at his ankles and quietly taking of his diaper - YIKES!!!

Just so you know, he does not poop on the potty, so we're potty training his way (uh hum) where we have to telepathically sense when it's time to dash from the pulled diaper to the potty because he likes to work independently these days - You know?

Our toddler is almost 3. He picks his lip and nose. He pees on the potty. He rarely poops on the potty!

We've had some crazy crazy crazy potty training moments this month ...

He will pee on the potty pretty much every time and often lets us know that he has to go. On  the other hand, he will not tell us when he has to poop and he rarely poops on the potty at all.

This has been a stage of poopy diapers flying everywhere and his sneaking into Desitin, wet wipes, bathrooms, wiping poop on windows and dropping poop on the floor. It's not that we aren't watching him, but that our 2 year old is so fast. We can do nothing solo in the house any more. Going to the bathroom, doing dishes, washing clothes, typing on the computer, getting everything ready for a bath, etc., is all a two parent job with this particular son (my other children did not require this extra potty training care at all). One parent has to literally sit with our son while the other parent does what is needed.

Believe you me, there is no more poop schedule or estimating when it is time, it is like our son can make himself poop, too. For example, if he has a temper tantrum that requires our putting him in his room (he gets like this sometimes when he's exhausted), we have to listen well and peek in whether he is crying or not because sometimes we come in to a poopy mess. It is something he started when he turned 2 and is inconsistent about, therefore we cannot assume that is how his body reacts when angry.


We've have to watch our little bird like a hawk these days! he's so fast, creative and independent at almost 3 years old.

In motherly love,

Goodbye Red Bird ... Awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard :)

Goodmorning Red Bird. Picture of our baby in his red bird costume.

Dear Fuhu, Inc.,

Thank you so much for the wonderful commercial with the "Good morning red bird ..." song. It has been "played out" to the point that I thought we would never ever ever ever forget it ... every time we saw a red bird (mind you, we live in central Florida where cardinals are plentiful) ...

I imagined us singing "Good morning red bird" and the strange robotic "awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard" - over and over again - for years to come, but this recently changed for us when ...

Our son decided that he would prefer to BE a red bird than sing about one any more :)

Can you believe it? He saw that commercial every morning after Little Bill!!!

I really have to give it to your marketing team though; they must have known the song would have attracted young inquiring toddler minds because it has done a great job at reaching our son ...

On the other hand, you REALLY should have gotten a red bird costume on the market before Halloween because - although I did not plan for him to trick or treat - I ended up at an online store ASAP when he announced that he wanted a red bird costume like 100 times (lol, yes, not a Nabi Jr, but a red bird costume). He was insistent for days and asked about it over and over until it arrived at our door. So, thank you for spiking his interest in this type of creative play, but ...

There was no Nabi Jr red bird costume, so we had to get an Angry Bird one ... :(

Thank goodness he doesn't know any better and it does not really look like an angry bird, but now we have something else to associate a red bird and that's cool. :)

It's blowing me a way every time I think about it because your commercial was so annoyingly cute ...

Yet, your effort ended up "awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard"-ly in another brands favor! :(

That's toddlers for you!!! (or maybe mixed marketing gone wrong)

Maybe one day our little bird will have a Nabi Jr in his hands and we welcome one for review :) because I think the Age 0 to 5 range is a little off and the market needs updated.

Anyways, thanks for the awesome lesson ... and memory!


Mama Bird

P.S. Here's the video for what I'm referring to just in case you aren't familiar :)

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October Breast Cancer Awareness 2013

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is the time of the year for an "in your face" reminder to get a mammogram and show our support to others battling breast cancer. I believe this is the 28th year for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month ... It amazes me how long it has taken to get women on board to commit to their health - breast health in general - and there are always more to influence each year as the pink ribbons flow and once the realities of cancer hit closer to home. I am not going to make this a long post as I already have the post and resources for you on my other blog. Please visit: National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and share the information with your loved ones. Any time I hear the word CANCER my mind wonders to memories of friends and loved ones who are battling or did not survive the devastating disease. The reality is that one point or another we are either 1 of the 8 women diagnosed, or know someone that has had breast cancer / cancer. This is why I post the information each year. Please make sure to get your mammogram if you have not already and get involved in breast cancer awareness as you can as it is the 2nd most common disease that kills women. The info is on that blog post for free resources and ideas of how you can support no matter your budget.