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4 Month Doctor Appointment

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Max has his 4 month doctor appointment for baby immunization, vaccination, vaccines
Picture of Baby Max - 4 Months Old - April 2011 - Sits up with support, plays with toys, smiles / laughs out loud, eats cereal, coos, loves watching the Sprout channel.

Max just had his 4 month check up and it went well. I have to admit that I was not thrilled about having to take him to get his immunizations (his father handled his 6 week well baby appointment). I hate to see them hurt my baby with those vaccination needles, but I was excited to see how much he has grown over the past 2 months.  The bitter sweet reality is that parents are so excited to help their babies develop and hit milestones, but they grow up so quickly that we are sad when we realize that they are not our babies anymore. I have to admit that he did look so cute wile drinking the Rotavirus. It also showed me that babies can drink from a cup if the flow of liquid is reduced. Max also performed for the nurse and doctor. He smiled and laughed for them. I don't  know why he liked the examination table so much, but Max got so excited that he looked like he was swimming the back stroke for them. It was comical.

Anyways, Maxwell is now 15 lbs 2.08 oz and 24.5 inches long. This puts him in the 58% for weight and 36% for height. His head circumference is 16.37 inches (33%). I think my jaw hit the floor when the nurse told me his weight was only 15 lbs ... I could have sworn that he was 20 lbs by now. He looks so much bigger than when he was 6 weeks old. He was 10lbs and 22 1/2 inches at his 6 week check up. I am surprised because he looks like a little butterball to me. Max is so round and compact; his chin, belly and thighs are chubby. Plus, Max is out of his newborn, 3 month and some 3 to 6 month clothes! I guess it is just that he is short in comparison to his weight, so he looks bigger than he is.

I guess Max's frame will be similar to my middle son. He was always right on track with age and clothes size (so he wore 3 month clothes when he was 3 months old and 12 month clothes at 1 year old). My older son was always in the 90% to 95%. I hate that I look forward to seeing if I am right, but as I mentioned above ... the bitter sweet reality is that parents excitedly help their babies develop and hit milestones (even push them sometimes), but our babies grow so quickly and it sad once we realize that they are gone. I look at Max's newborn pictures and see how much he's changes and it makes me kind of sad.

I am over 35 years old and this is my 3rd child ... I love that Baby Max is developing, but I wish that I could keep him my little butterball a bit longer. The few inches and pounds made a huge difference in just a few months. Ces't la via! Next will be his 6 month appointment.

BTW: Aside from sleeping a little more than normal, Max had no side effects from the vaccinations.

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


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