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Beyonce Pregnant - 2011 MTV VMA

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Beyonce is pregnant with first child at age 29. Congrats to Beyoncé Giselle Knowles & Jay-Z.

Beyonce showing baby bump on the 2011 MTV VMA red carpet ... Cute!!!!

Awe, I am so glad that my son invited me to watch the 2011 MTV VMAs (Video Music Awards). I got to see Beyonce show her baby bump on stage after singing "Love On Top" (such a powerful song). It was sooooooooooo adorable. The diva opened her jacket, turned sideways in her stylish maternity pants, smiled and rubbed her baby bump for the world to see. Of course her smile was hitting the audience where her husband Jay-Z and his friend, Kanye West, were showing their excitement. Prior to this obvious display of "confirmation" that Beyonce is pregnant, MTV tweeted OMG Beyonce just made a huge announcement on the #vma carpet! #baby!!!!!

UPDATE - January 7, 2012 - Jaz-Z and Beyonce give birth to baby girl

Video of Beyonce showing off her baby bump after singing "Love On Top"

I know that she is not an over 35 celebrity, but this is HUGE ... I had to post a quick blog to mark this occasion (and to think I was giving my son a hard time and not sitting to watch the MTV Music Video Awards at first). It was just beautiful, but the best part is that the 29 year old songstress always wanted to have a baby at 30 years old and did an interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, a few months ago, stating that she did not know when she would have children and that she had no intention of retiring at 30 (as she had once stated in another interview).WHAT A BLESSING!!! This was not a planned pregnancy and her dream is coming true ... Beyonce will have her baby at 30 (her birthday is in just a few days on September 4th); another under 35 celebrity mom to contradict the latest pregnancy trend.

Yes, it is real this time, Beyonce is pregnant by husband Jay-Z and the blessed couple is expecting their baby ...? Now, all we need to know is when Beyonce is due to deliver her baby? If Beyonce has a baby bump that might mean that she is more than 1st semester, right?

Does anyone know when Beyonce is due?

UPDATE - January 7, 2012 - Jaz-Z and Beyonce give birth to baby girl

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


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