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Ebay Horror Story | Bad Ebay Experience

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Bad Ebay Experience, eBay Horror Story
"Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do." Luke 23:34

I was feeling adventurous the other day, so I headed on over to eBay to see if I could find a great deal on baby clothes. Max is almost 9 months old and has just moved into new sizes (9 month / 12 month), therefore I wanted to get a few extras for his wardrobe (mostly PJs and t-shirts) and see what was posted for 18 month sizes. Anyways, I came across a 12 - 18 month clothing lot that looked really nice. These were not church clothes, but a decent assortment of t-shirts, pants and some one pieces that he could use for daily wear. I have been a member of eBay since they launched, but had to start a new account because I never use it. I guess you can say that I am an auction novice, therefore I should have asked my husband for guidance, but wanted to try to do an eBay auction on my own. I can be rather independent (stubborn) at times ...

I won this first auction for $0.99 and $15 shipping. I was SUPER excited and proud that I managed this on my own. I bid on the same seller's second auction for 7 pajamas. I won them at $5 and shipping, so I told her to roll them up and put in one box, so she had more of a profit on the 1st lot because I won them at 99 cents. I waited for the box to get here ... it arrived in a few days and the seller did as I suggested by rolling the clothes and sending them all (the lots of clothing from both auctions) in the one box.

I excitedly opened the box and started going through the clothes ... my smile didn't last long ... WOULD YOU BELIEVE that some of the shirts had huge stains on them, one shirt had a hole, one of the PJs had dirty feet and food on it (not stains; she did not wash it) and a couple of the items were dirty (I could scrape the crumbs).

I was hurt and disappointed to say the least. My husband wanted me to give her bad feedback, but I just did not know what to do about it. I started thinking that she must have really needed the extra $$$ or maybe she just did not know better and thought that it was OK to send the clothes dirty because I would wash them anyway. I was also thinking that she should have posted the details of the stains and the little hole on the one shirt.

I began wondering if she was just a mean person. I could not help thinking "What if this was a mother that could not afford to buy other clothes for their baby?" ... What was this woman thinking? Should I have given her a bad rating? Am I supposed to report her to eBay?


Was she wrong? Am I wrong? Have you ever had a bad eBay experience like this? Should I give a bad eBay rating or just let this go? What if she does this to someone else?

I really feel like this was an eBay horror story that should be told. I want other moms know that there are some shady mommies peddling "bad goods" on eBay (not just your regular con artists), so you have to ask questions about the quality of the clothing before bidding. This way you can show eBay the communications if you need their help after an auction. I did not think about this because the clothes looked great on the picture and I was excited by the potential of a great deal. The reality is that she should have posted these garments in the free section of Craigslist (just in case someone wanted them as play clothes) or thrown the bad items away instead of wasting my time & money by selling them on eBay.

C'est la via!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


WeeMason Man's Mom said...

Did her auction state anything about the condition of the clothes? I know in a lot of the auctions I've looked at, some say "like new" where others say "Most are in gentle used condition but the blue shirt has a tiny hole in the arm pit and the yellow shirt has a small brown stain on the collar" If she described the condition without mentioning the stains, I would definitely give her bad feedback. If her auction description didn't give much info, I would e-mail her and ask "Hey, did you know that a lot of the clothes you sent me were stained and unwearable?" and go from there (aka if she's apologetic it's one thing and if she's rude, it's bad feedback time)

Heather said...

I think your right and she shouldn't have sold them to you, but however I also think that if she was trying to help someone out by listing them she could have just gave them away for free on I think she should get bad feed back? Yes because she will keep doing the same to other people until someone else says something. The feedback system is what makes eBay such a great place to buy and sell things and should be kept accurate.

LC Hunt said...

Hi Heather & WeeMason's Mom :) I REALLY appreciate your feedback, thank you. I would email her, but am afraid that she will be rude. On the other hand, it would be rude of me to post bad feedback without her having a chance to know that I am upset about it. I tend to just walk away from situations like this, but it's not fair to other eBay shoppers.

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