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Teething | Baby's 1st Tooth / Teeth

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Teething, First Baby Tooth Coming in at 8 months August 2011 - Mother Baby Child
1st Tooth coming in at the beginning of August 2011.

Baby Max's first teeth in by the Middle of August 2011
2nd tooth started to come in by the middle of August 2011 (8 months old)


Max had 4 teeth by the beginning of September 2011 (9 months old) and 6 teeth by October (10 months). We were very excited and it was so cute to watch him bite.

It was like a non-stop mood swing in our house between August and October. Our baby was happy one minute and then screaming in pain the next minute. He wanted to crawl one minute and then insisted on being held for a few hours straight (a few times a day). It got to the point that we were all running to him just as soon as he shows a sign of discomfort for fear that Max would scream all day and night if we did not comfort him.

As of 11/7/2011, our baby is still putting everything in his mouth. We really have to watch because sometimes he tries to gnaw the legs on our desks / chairs and will chew his books if we leave them with him (so we do not). In fact, it took our baby a very long time to sit and read with me because all he wanted to do was eat the book while he was teething.

Here are some tips for helping your teething baby:

Baby Teething Toy - Green Foot Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teether
Teething Rings / Teething Toys
Teething rings are great; especially those with nubs and raised patterns that our baby can rub on his gums. It is important to buy teething rings that are one solid piece and hypo-allergic material. You want to check packaging of the teething ring to make sure it's not made of diisononyl phthalate because it is toxic / hazardous material. Natural rubber, latex or silicon are the best teething rings to use. There are teething rings filled with water that you can freeze to help sooth baby gums. Our baby has a lot of loves the Green Foot Munchkin Fun Ice Chewy Teether (in the picture above) and the Sassy Ring Links 0+ Inspire Touch. It is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate which is a BPA free teething ring that we freeze and only use when he seems like he can't handle the pain anymore.

Babies use their fingers, but they LOVE chomping on our fingers, too. I would not recommend making your fingers a first offer instead of a teething toy / ring nor that you continue to let your baby use your fingers as a teething ring because those teeth are mighty sharp when they come in, BUT it does not hurt to wash your hands well and rub your baby's gums with your finger. Our baby loved gnawing on our fingers when all else failed.

Believe it our not, my 12 year old son taught me about using a washcloth. He pulled one out of the freezer one day and said, "here mom, give him this!" and it worked for a while, too.

Frozen Banana
Peel and freeze a banana (can cut one large banana in half or use a small banana). Put your baby in a high chair and let him chew away. The only thing is that you need to keep a very close eye on your baby while she / he is using a frozen banana as a teether to make sure no pieces are bit off. The advantage is that the banana is nice and mushy when it thaws, healthy and babies love the taste.

Safety 1st Infant Fingertip Brush & Toddler Toothbrush Set is really nice for babies
Infant Fingertip Brush / Toddler Toothbrush Set
Safety 1st sells an awesome fingertip toothbrush and toddler toothbrush set (includes case for the fingertip toothbrush). This helped us A LOT, therefore I am recommending it to you. I used the fingertip for the health benefits as well as periodic brushing and soothing the gums. Our baby loved it all the way up to when he teeth came in and then I started using the toothbrush. They also sell a Safety 1st Prograde Infant Pediatric Dental Set that has bristle-free brush with a long handle, but we went straight to the toddler toothbrush because he went for 1 to 6 teeth in about two months. As you can see by the image, the toddler toothbrush has a fat base and smaller, softer, toothbrush bristles. Our baby loves brushing his teeth and gums with this toothbrush and we sometimes use it to entertain him while changing diapers. If we didn't, he would put his hands in poop and crawl away.

Baby Anbesol & Baby Orajel
If all else fails, there is always Baby Anbesol or Baby Orajel are non-prescription anesthetics that sooth sore gums.


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