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Google + Blog Hop (Ongoing Networking Hop)

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Google Plus / Google + Blog Hop

This Google + Hop is for mom bloggers and has easy rules ...

1) Add my Google + Page to your circle of Moms on Google +

2) Follow the Google + members on the list below

3) Comment below if you want us to know that you are participating.

This is an on going blog hop, so bookmark this page and check back for new G+ers :) It would be great if you would join Google Friend Connect (lower right hand side of the page), so that we can keep in touch. You can use this code to share this Google + hop on your blog, too :)

Time to build your Google + community :)

Like blog hopping as much as we do? Here are some of my favorite blog hops sorted by days ... BLOG HOPS LIST ... Join us!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Active Mother said...


Brooke Bailey Murrieta said...

My only concern is that Google Plus may not be around for the long haul. Look at Google Wave. They just can't compete with Facebook. Anyways, just my opinion.

LC Hunt said...

@Active Mother - Glad to have you :) I'll be hopping your way :)

LC Hunt said...

@Brooke Bailey Murrieta - Well, Google Wave was designed as a source for developers and team, so that is a bit different in comparison to their flop with Buzz. That appeared to be their first attempt, but they finally got it right with Google Plus. Click the Google + Information link at the top of the page. This explains why Google + is here to stay and why mom bloggers need to use it. Google + surpassed Facebook a few months after they launched; now with the restructure of the Google Friend Connect, implementation of the +1 ranking widget and the Google + Pages ... we have to be their to get our market shares.

Grace InAZ said...

I am in, but after I added my link I realize it is what do I do? That's all I see for my link. Help?
Hugs, GraceinAZ

LC Hunt said...

@Grace InAZ - Yours is working, Grace :) Good job!

Grace InAZ said...

also in as my own name...Pat Mallett. Got the link right this time. Thanks! The hop is a great idea~

LC Hunt said...

@Grace InAZ - Great, I'll make sure that I am connected to your profile. I am glad you like it :)

Krystyl said...

I found you VIA the Friday Hop-along and would Love a GFC follow back <3

A.N.A. said...

Hello! It's nice to meet everyone! I look forward to reading your blogs and getting to know more about you.
Ana-My Symphony Of Life via Audios Maximus Media Network

Dree Getz said...

I'm participating.

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