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Your Baby Can Read - Week 2

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Your Baby Can Read Week 2 Review / Report For Our Baby

Your Baby Can Read - Week 2 - 1/23/2012 to 1/29/2012

I am now reporting our son's second week using Your Baby Can Read. He just turned 13 months old and has been using this early reading system for 9 days as of 1/29/2012 (he only watched the video and used the sliding word cards for two days on the first week). I will post these reviews on Tuesdays, so that I can share the information during "Teach Me Tuesdays" when I have the time. If you missed my first blog post and video, you can read my last report / review on the Your Baby Can Read - Week 1 Review page. Here is the 2nd week report and video based on his using the sliding word cards and watching the video 5 days.


On Monday, January 23, 2012, I made a 1st Week Video of our baby's previous weeks results. He said "Hey Baby" and sang "Clean Up" while fidgeting, though did "clap" on demand by the end of the video. That was a summary of the 1st week's progress and started our second week with results to improve upon. WEEK 2 RESULTS- Your Baby Can Read has helped add "cat" and "dog" to his vocabulary. He also growls when he sees a picture of a tiger and perks up when he sees an elephant. Our baby will sometimes lifts his arms when I say "arms up" (which we have been teaching him since he was a few months old, but he would not do it until this week) and he has started clapping on demand a lot more now. He already knew how to say "hi" and "hello", but now he says "hi" whenever we come in the door or a room. He does not always wave when saying "hi", though sometimes when he wants our immediate attention.


VIDEO NOTES: If you listed closely, he replies "a dog" to my first attempt and I totally missed it because I was trying to have him say "cat" in this video. He says "a dog" once when he had the yellow toy to his mouth (as if he thinks them in order" and then he repeats cat several times; one time saying "a cat" because when we ask "what is that" (when reading an animal book) the reply would be "that is A cat" opposed to "what does this word say" where the reply is "cat". I mistakenly called Caillou's cat "Rosie" instead of Gilbert. He still went to the TV to see, though typically will touch the TV screen when I ask "Where's Calious's cat Gilbert". Either way, "cat" is a word that he says all day long and gets excited to see in books or when we do the sliding word cards.


I have noticed that our baby REALLY enjoys the sliding word cards. He looks at the words as intently as he does the pictures. He sometimes laughs in anticipation of a picture being shown and / or gets really excited. In fact, he seems more excited to have us understand him on the few things he says more than anything. If he catches us look at him, he will say one of his new works and the say "clap" while clapping (as if to say YEAH!). It is really cute and encouraging; therefore, I am anxious to see what his vocabulary and enthusiasm for learning will be like in a few more weeks because even his focus while reading and playing on he mat, with me, has improved. For example, he sat and stacked rings on his own the other day. He never slowed down enough to do that before. He also opens and closes the animals on his Playskool Busy Basics: Busy Poppin' Pals. He was not doing this a week ago. * I am not saying that Your Baby Can Read definitely made these improvements in him; MAYBE it did help stimulate his understanding / comprehension (logic).

1 year old baby watching Your Baby Can Read while sitting in his boppy chair

As I mentioned last week, our baby does better at watching the Your Baby Can Read video when he is sitting in his high chair and when I am not participating during that time. I did test this again one day. He started out well by watching the video while sitting on his boppy pillow. He eventually stood up and started walking around the room, though sat there for about 1/2 of the video. While walking around the room, he did turn to watch Your Baby Can Read at certain points in the video. He turned to watch the 2 songs and he watched the portion where Your Baby Can Read asks the baby to choice between two words to determine which is the correct word.

Want to try this program with your infant or toddler? Visit this Your Baby Can Read page to learn more!

Let's compare notes! Are you finding Your Baby Can read useful for your child? Do you have a blog post or video to share with us? Please feel free to add the link and let us know what you think of Your Baby Can Read!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Gumdrop Pass said...

Wow - I've always wondered about this program. Great post -- you've answered a lot of my questions!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday. I just wanted to let you know that I'm following you back and have added you on G+.

Have a good day! :)

Lea Hunt said...

@Gumdrop Pass - Thank you :) I am hoping this information will be useful to other moms starting their children on Your Baby Can Read at a 1 years old instead of earlier. It's great to connect with you.

Alex said...

New follower here! Would love to have you follow me back!

Melody Aavah said...

I actually got this from a friend who got it for her daughter who is now 5 yrs old.. my aavah rhae is 19 months and i have YET to find time to do this with her.. new follower as well.. and i google plus'd u :)

Brooke Becker said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am fascinated by this program, and a sucker for things like it. Not as much as-seen-on-tv (although I do use and LOVE WEN & have a Ninja Blender - both I bought off Ebay after seeing on TV) but for the baby gadget aspect of it.

I am using Baby Plus during my pregnancy which is along the same lines - I wrote about it here -

My blog is a mess right now - one designer messed it up, and I had to hire another to fix! But I promise it will look good again soon, and when it does I'd love for you to do a tiny little guest post about this system that links back to the longer articles on your blog. If you are interested get in touch.

I think my readers would love this, and hopefully it would bring your blog some traffic too :)

brookeandcamera -at-

Ms POSH said...

Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello. Have a great weekend!

Lea Hunt said...

@Brooke Becker - Awe, congrats!!! When are you due? I am going to read your post on Baby Plus because I would have probably used it if I knew about it, too. OK, I will would like to do that guest post, thanks.

I LUV my Ninja Express ... I use it daily. Since my hair has taken to frizz in this Florida weather, I have been told that I need WEN :( I'll have to try it and see.

Lacey said...

Hi, I'm following you from a blog hop. Great post! I look forward to following the progress of this reading program. Follow me back at, thanks!

Tara said...

We have that program at our house, too! It's pretty cool how it works. I'm a new follower from the Friday blog hop. Feel free to follow back at :) Have a dandy weekend!

Brooke Becker said...

I'd love to have the guest post! Just zap me an email when you are ready :)

Lea Hunt said...

@Lacey - Thanks for connecting, Lacey. I am already connected and have been reading your blog :)

Lea Hunt said...

@Tara - Thanks :) I'd look forward to learning more about your experience with Your Baby Can Read. Do you have any blog posts or videos to share?

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