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Toddler OCD | Wordy Wordless Wednesday

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Can toddlers have OCD? Wordless Wednesday Images

Cars Turned In The Same Direction ... Always!

I know this is Wordless Wednesday, but I am wondering if your 2 year old does this, too? This picture was taken a few weeks ago when I noticed that he was walking the cars over and facing them in the same direction. He has since graduated to lining the cars up against the wall with the fronts facing outwards or directly beside each other on the floor.

Today our toddler lined up 6 signs from his train set. He really took his time to line them up meticulously and facing him), slid the little train past it once. As soon as the train went past, he picked up 3 at one time and looked. He then picked up the other 3 signs (all 6 in hand) and put them away.

I love watching all of the quirky "things" as much as the athletic and creative gifts he has, but he has been doing things that make me wonder whether it might be OCD or not because I do not remember my other children doing the same things so young. Does this look familiar to anyone?

Anyways, Happy Wordless Wednesday to you :) Thanks for stopping by!

In Motherly Love,
Lea @ Mother Baby Child


Melissa @ Home on Deranged said...

Yep, our 2 year old does that, too. In fact, she creates elaborate displays with her toys all over the house. Of course, she then destroys them and starts all over, but there's always a display somewhere. No worries. I'm sure it has something to do with them trying to bring organization to the chaos they feel. Or some such thing. :)

Ida said...

hi! This is my first time on your blog. My son used to do the same and still does. I'm following via Twitter as @scggirl

Lea Hunt said...

Awe, thanks for your feedback :)

What I Did Today said...

I have an Early Child Development degree and worked with kids of all ages and I can tell you that he is quite age appropriate. Toddlers love order. They have their own way of organizing but it usually makes a lot of sense. It's really neat to see them educating themselves in this way. He'd probably love to do some sorting activities. I just recently pinned a bunch for my 14 month old.

Heather Kelly said...

My son did this, starting around 18 months old. I was told that he might be autistic, he isn't. He does have Sensory Integration Disorder. He has some quirks and trouble trying new foods, and major issues with change. He is strange though, because we can take an airplane somewhere, and he is fine where we are and with what we are doing. We keep his meals and snacks on time and his bedtimes the same. So that he does know that we are sticking to his routine for the most part. But there are times at home where he can't deal with one little thing between 4pm and 6:30pm when he goes to bed if we change it. He melts down, because he just can't process the change.

Sounds like he's a normal boy to me! He just likes to line stuff up. Keep a watch for little quirks though and if he isn't saying so many words by age 2, then have him tested and get some outside help with his speech.

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