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I was over 35 when I gave birth to Baby Max. My middle son was 11 years old and my older son had just turned seventeen. It wasn't easy starting over again ... Mother Baby Child is a blog to share parenting experiences, as well as what marriage is like after being a single mom for so many years. Get info on having a baby, raising children, babies, tweens, teens, homeschooling, mom blogs, work at home mom. business marketing, Christian and celebrity moms blog posts.
I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. ~ Philippians 4:13 (KJV)
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7 Months Later & Excited To Share This Business Info With You!

I don't know if you remember or not, but I wrote a blog post about needing to lose weight and a 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge I joined at the end of July 2012. I was really excited to get started in losing weight. After a few months of getting results via weight loss and decreasing my blood pressure, I became even more excited to share the information and build a work at home business with this company. I started sharing the product information as well as the changes that I was making in getting healthier. My business grew over the months from 1-2 hours a week invested. All I did was share the info through my personal weight loss blog and then share the blog post link at my social networks. People really liked the information :)

I have been blogging here for years and never shared anything like this with you before, therefore you can take it to heart as valuable business information if you have been looking for a work at home business - not job - with products that flat out work. I have been on the Internet for many years and tried a lot of things. This is a business that I am proud to stand behind and I have not done that with any other business for years because I just did not have the same experience with other ones I tried. Additionally, if you have been looking for a good work at home business, though did not do well in another company in the past or had a bad work at home experience, keep an open mind because I would never post anything unless I knew it was a good business.

  • No parties! No confusion! Family type business culture!
  • No need for products on hand unless you want them! 
  • National and International business potential for you!
  • No stressing out family and friends; let them contact you!
  • Affordable, fun and totally at your own pace :)
  • Complete virtual office for building and managing your business.
  • One time $10 to become distributor with product purchase.

Not only is this a work at home business with real products that work, it is a company where people with no experience in direct sales or online marketing are doing very well, too. This is a totally legit and debt free company that pays each week and is affordable to do. Unlike companies that tell you they will help you and do not, you will get full training, free resources and even team support from our company, as well as direct help from me. All you have to do is want to help people that use our products and 90 day challenge, as well as have the commitment to build a business during whatever hours you set each week. There is a system in place that works for everyone in the business if they follow instructions, and you're a blogger, therefore you know the power of sharing information when a product or service is working well for you :)

You can visit my other blog to learn more about the products, business and read my blog posts (found on the left hand side of the homepage) ... everything you need is there. You can contact me directly with any questions that you have; we can email or chat by phone; whichever is most convenient for you.

* I won't post my earnings here because I think it is tacky, but will confirm that you can easily make a PT or FT income with this business with just a few hours a week by just copying what we do.

Here's to your starting to fulfilling your health and financial goals before summer :) If you just want to join our 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge, that is cool, too. The info is there on my other blog ... we welcome you :)

Hugs & Blessings,
Lea @ Mother Baby Child


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