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Best Bath Toy for Toddlers | Perfect Gift

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Best toddler bath toy has been the Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers. Our toddler learned his colors, numbers, pairing and most of the alphabet since using them.

Munchkin Foam Letters and Numbers - Toddler's Favorite Bath Toy

I would love to share the video of our baby in the tub, but my husband would kill me. So you'll just have to imagine our toddler's excitement at bath time based on what I explain here. He absolutely loves taking a bath and it is a fresh experience after going through the pre-teen years with a son that we had to bribe to take a shower - LOL. Our toddler loves swimming, bubbles, dumping his water cup and playing w/ his other toys, but the majority of his time and excitement from taking a bath is based on playing with his Munchkin Bath Letters and Numbers. It has been like this since he turned 2 years old and depending on whether your child is still "chewing", this could be the best bath toy for him / her, too. These Munchkin Foam Bath toys also make affordable toddler gifts for friends and family members. What I do with our toddler, is separate the letters and numbers for him so that he is not confused nor overwhelmed while playing. I also break up the letters into about 12 at a time when we are using those for bath time. He prefers the foam numbers right now, so that makes it a bit easier to keep him focused and consistently learning the numbers / number combinations.

I didn't think to share this info until last week when our son started counting on his own. He is not always sequential, but what he was doing is pairing up the foam numbers and saying "2 reds, 2 orange, 2 purple, 2 blues, 1 green, 1 yellow", so counting in pairs basically. We normally line them up on the side of the tub or wall to count the numbers in order or play games with them. He loves playing with the foam bath toys!!! We love the time spent with him, too. Plus, it was SO REWARDING to watch him do his "own thing" and it end up being something that I did not think to point out to him, yet. It is just too cool how our children love to show us what they learn on their own.

Additionally, the Munchkin Bath Numbers and Letters and Numbers are non-toxic and the recommended age is 3+ but we started using them at 2 years old to break up flash card time. 

I chose to use them for our toddler and buy them for his cousin's 2nd birthday because they were both so crazy about flash cards and learning their colors that I knew it would not be long before they put the foam letters and numbers to good use. My husband and I just avoided any biting by using them bath time only. As I mentioned above, you will have to gauge when your child is ready, but just know that you can have hours of educational fun each week by using these in the tub :)

NOTE: The Little Tykes foam bath toys have a history of being toxic, so please be careful.

I think we got ours at Walmart, but you can save time and check out Munchkin's other foam bath toys by using one of the Amazon links in this post.

I hope that your toddler enjoys as much as ours does. If you have already used foam numbers and letters in the bathtub, please do not hesitate to share your experience with them, too. Do / did they make learning colors, letters and numbers easier for your child?

In motherly love,
Lea @ Mother Baby Child


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