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Start Getting Into Shape Before Summer - Exercise Contest / Weight Loss Giveaway

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Moms weight loss contest and fitness challenge. Win prizes and special giveaway!

Are you TOO READY to take off some weight before summer and then keep losing weight during the summer, so that you can make this the last year? It really stinks being overweight each summer! I say this from experience and pray that this will be your year to take control of your health :)

Many of us feel this way each day and just do not have the support to get started! If you struggle SO HARD to lose weight, this may be the excitement and weight loss support you need to get started TODAY ... Here are 2 super easy ways to get started in accomplishing your fitness and weight loss goals.

Fitness Challenge (Free / Online)

This is a easy and steady fitness challenge for people that want to get started on a steady exercise routine that is not boring and does not take a lot of time to do, BUT CAN HELP YOU start getting into shape and learning how to exercise regularly in just a few minutes a day! All you do is go to this Facebook Page or this Google+ page and get started. The challenge just started today (May 3rd) and if you missed this start date, you can start on another day as long as everyone is done by the end of the month. This means that if you start between now and next Friday, you can still partake in this months fitness challenge AND you are entered into a contest to win a prize for your steady participation.


Fun Weight Loss Challenge

In addition to the fitness challenge, there is a 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge to help you stay on track for losing weight / inches, as well as a few giveaways associated with this challenge. So, not only will you start an all-natural supplement and weight loss challenge, but you will get free products and a REALLY special gift from the distributors hosting a fitness / healthy lifestyle giveaway in addition to what the company offers. It is a beautiful package for people who do not like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers and other type programs but want to be a part of and have the support of an official weight loss program.

* You can submit questions and get started from over there!

Have a fit and fun weekend :)
Lea @ Mother Baby Child


shanje said...

i agree with you no one should feel any kind of shame while starting exercise to lost or gain weight at any part of his/her life because every one has the right to looks smart and be fit.
home workout for weight loss

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