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Goodbye Red Bird ... Awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard :)

Goodmorning Red Bird. Picture of our baby in his red bird costume.

Dear Fuhu, Inc.,

Thank you so much for the wonderful commercial with the "Good morning red bird ..." song. It has been "played out" to the point that I thought we would never ever ever ever forget it ... every time we saw a red bird (mind you, we live in central Florida where cardinals are plentiful) ...

I imagined us singing "Good morning red bird" and the strange robotic "awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard" - over and over again - for years to come, but this recently changed for us when ...

Our son decided that he would prefer to BE a red bird than sing about one any more :)

Can you believe it? He saw that commercial every morning after Little Bill!!!

I really have to give it to your marketing team though; they must have known the song would have attracted young inquiring toddler minds because it has done a great job at reaching our son ...

On the other hand, you REALLY should have gotten a red bird costume on the market before Halloween because - although I did not plan for him to trick or treat - I ended up at an online store ASAP when he announced that he wanted a red bird costume like 100 times (lol, yes, not a Nabi Jr, but a red bird costume). He was insistent for days and asked about it over and over until it arrived at our door. So, thank you for spiking his interest in this type of creative play, but ...

There was no Nabi Jr red bird costume, so we had to get an Angry Bird one ... :(

Thank goodness he doesn't know any better and it does not really look like an angry bird, but now we have something else to associate a red bird and that's cool. :)

It's blowing me a way every time I think about it because your commercial was so annoyingly cute ...

Yet, your effort ended up "awkwaaaaaaaaaaaard"-ly in another brands favor! :(

That's toddlers for you!!! (or maybe mixed marketing gone wrong)

Maybe one day our little bird will have a Nabi Jr in his hands and we welcome one for review :) because I think the Age 0 to 5 range is a little off and the market needs updated.

Anyways, thanks for the awesome lesson ... and memory!


Mama Bird

P.S. Here's the video for what I'm referring to just in case you aren't familiar :)


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