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1st Doctor Appointment

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1st doctor's appointment for newborn baby is one week after leaving the hospital
Newborn picture of Baby Max - January 2011

Max had his 1st well baby check up and I sure had mixed feelings about it. One part of me hated our medical system and the insensitive health officials that say that we should take our babies to a doctors office a week after they are born. Sick people go to doctors ... it should not include newborn babies. On the other hand, I was anxious to confirm that our baby is healthy and ready to take on life. It was bitter sweet ... you will read / hear say this often ... as if we bring children into the world to expose them to contradiction that we cannot explain, nor ignore, any more than "this is just how it is".

Regardless, our baby boy has put his 7.7 lbs birth weight back on (it is common for newborns to lose weight while in the hospital). Both the nurse and doctor say that Max is just fine; a healthy baby boy. Both his father and I are grateful that Max is healthy. I just cannot believe it!

First of all, I am well over 35 years old and never could have imagined that I would have one more child. I am jumping for joy, but still in disbelief by it all. I was a single parent for so many years ... I never would have though and am thanking God every day. My two sons love Baby Max so much. How could they not? They just about helped me deliver him.

They told me that Max should have a 6 week check up next, but my immunization chart says 2 months. I am confused, but am taking all in stride since it has been so long since I've had a baby. He had the 1st Hepatitis shot in the hospital and will need his 1st set of immunizations at his next appointment. I am nervous about those 1st shots :(

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


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