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Newborn Baby Smile

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Do newborn babies smile? Here's my son's newborn baby picture. He is smiling (a neonatal smile) but very cute!
Neonatal Smiling OR Do babies show emotion in the first few weeks?

My mother reminded me that newborn babies do not smile. It is said that a newborn baby displays a spontaneous reflex that appears to be an intentional smile, though it is not an actual sign of affection. This is referred to as neonatal smiling. Neonatal smiles occur when the baby is sleeping and during the time when he / she is transitioning between sleep and wake time. These are not from gas. On the contrary, researchers now believe that baby smiles aren't just gas - they’re real smiles that start between 2 - 8 weeks.

Babies start displaying emotion between 1 to 2 months ...

I was holding my one month son on my chest this morning. I was admiring how strong he is becoming while he bobbed his little head up to look at me. Out of the blue, he let out the most adorable smile that I have seen yet. It was not a little closed mouth smirk, but a huge, open mouthed, smile just at the moment when he saw my face ... He did it a few times and it obviously made my heart melt. I quickly referred to my baby books, and online baby resources, to see if this was a "real smile". I was excited to read that it was very likely an intentional / emotional smile. It also means that he is starting to see more clearly.

As a newborn gets older, she / he will smile more often as vision becomes more clear and other developmental factors progress normally; especially in response to your loving smiles. Isn't it just wonderful to watch your newborn baby develop?

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


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