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15 Months Old Baby Milestones

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15 months old toddle baby milestones

Baby Max - 15 Months Old Toddler Boy

It's been a while since I wrote a toddler milestones post, so I am excited to share more than pictures with you. 15 months is truly an incredible age. Although our son is considered a "toddler", he is still such a "baby" to us. He just does not understand nor communicate as well as the Sprout watching toddler that he is becoming. He is still teething, eating baby cereal each morning and exploring all over the house like a little baby; though he surprising us each day with new word, big boy foods, actions and temper tantrums.

This video above shows him trying to explain what he wants. He repeats what I say and tells me that he does not want to go outside nor have a bottle; that he wants a cup. His exact words are "I like it" when I say "cup". At the end of the video, I mistakenly said that I would get his "bah bah", but I meant that I was getting his cup. He ran towards the kitchen anyways. This video is a perfect example of how we try to communicate with one another each day.

Here's what's been going on in our life ...

4 days ago, our 15 month old baby head butted both dad and me in the mouth ...

3 days ago, he went back and forth with his dad (in a "no" battle) and said "all done" hysterically when he had enough of being rebellious and wanted to hug ...

2 days ago, he had two lines of POO POO on his cheek when his brother kissed him (yuck) ...

Yesterday, he suckered punched me in the face 3 times (check it out - I have this on video) ...

Today, he broke the TV and very upset about it. He is also sticking his finger up his nose non-stop ...


15 months old baby milestones include:

At 15 months, our baby does display his own sense of humor and interests. He tries to hold conversations with us all day long, though he comes across quite frustrated a lot of the time. Sometimes he tries to speak without opening his mouth at all. Most times, he says one or two syllable words. He surprises us with a sentence here and there, too.

"Dee Dee" has become the universal language :) He says "Dee Dee" for his brother, things he wants that he does not know the name for and sometimes says "Dee Dee" in place of "ma ma" for me. I think that "Dee Dee" is how he says "baby" (that he is calling us baby), but it is hard to know for sure.

He also says "hi", "hello", "I wah ue" (I love you), "all done", "I like at" (I like that), "like it", "ma ma", "da dad", "brayer" (brother), "no", "I di it" (I did), "eat", "gamer" (grandma).

Our baby has started saying his ABCs and numbers. In fact, he gets really excited when TV shows with counting and letters come on (Super Why, Sesame Street). He also loves playing with the foam letters and numbers; alphabet school bus and Our toddler loves reading books.

He still likes to drink from a bottle, though also loves his cup. We spend most of the day trying to find them from our baby's strategic locations around his playroom (what used to be our living room). Yes, he is hiding his bottles and cups all over the place ... they look disgusting and stink when we finally get to the hard to find ones.

Our 15 month old has become a really picky eater. He is not crazy about meat or vegetables anymore. In fact, if it were his choice, he could live off of baby oatmeal, baby fruits, spaghetti and pizza, if I let him. He eats bread, chicken and green beans on occasion; he drinks a lot of water and milk. He is "sometimey" about drinking juice. We feed him all organic foods as much as possible.

Although he displays absolutely no interest in trying to potty train, he has been interested in what is in the diaper for quite some time. The past few months have required two person diaper changes. His poor brother got a mouth full of poop when trying to kiss our baby on the cheek the other day. He thought it was food on the baby's cheek, but it was poop. There was no indication that he had dug in his diaper because he reaches fingers through the sides when he is unable to reach from the top. As you can imagine, the majority of his wardrobe is back to overalls and Onesies / infant bodysuits w/ elastic waste pants at all times.

Our baby has jumped from a size 12 to a size 24 in like a month. He can wears some size 18 to 24 months clothes; his wardrobe is mostly size 24 months. He still wears size 5 shoes.

I am so glad that he did not put a flat screen TV in the living room / play room because our baby broke the TV today. He started by by turning the buttons on and off all of the time. We were proud on one hand, though it became quite disruptive to turn the TV back on when he could not figure it out on his own. We bought another one off Craigslist just in case this phases hasn't ended yet.

At 15 months old, our baby's fine motor skills are impressive. He can turn on his own toys and work the ones that entail more controlled actions. He feeds himself well and can scoop up the crumbs if he chooses to eat them. He climbs like a champ, does puzzles, picks at very small imperfections around the house, does somersaults and laps around the house.

One of my favorite things about our 15 month old baby is that he LOVES to read. My two older children loved to read at that age, but Max really loves his books. As active as he is, there is never a time that he will not sit to read and can sit for hours if you will read to him that long.

All in all, our 15 month old baby is an amazing bundle of energy, intelligence and love. He seeks our affection and approval in almost everything he does; words can't describe how it make us feel to have the privilege of waking up with and putting this sweet child to be every night. I hope that any mother to be - or - new mom finds this post helpful in getting the real 15 months old milestones for their baby.

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child

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