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Monday Marketing Tip - How To Merge Facebook Pages Similar Names & Address

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It is not uncommon for companies and people to have duplicate Facebook pages and for various reasons. Maybe a business owner created a page and let it sit, though his marketing representative made a new page with the correct vanity URL and built the second facebook page following. Another example is when someone starts a page for one reason, learns more about marketing, and then creates a second page that works better towards his / her business branding. No matter what the reason, most do not know that Facebook has added a Merge Page option that is helpful for duplicate page / duplicate brand identity issues. It does not work for profiles that were created as pages; you will just have to change the profile name or the profile link name (if you haven't already) and transition those friends to a Facebook business page. The following are instructions on how to merge Facebook pages, so that you are managing just one brand. It really is better for you this way!

Instructions On How To Merge Facebook Pages

Go to the Facebook Page that you want to keep (usually the one with more likes and activity) and following these instructions to merge Facebook pages.

  1. Click the Manage Page button at the top of the page.
  2. Select Edit Page option.
  3. Click the Resources link in menu on the left hand side of the page.
  4. Click the Merge Duplicate Pages link (2nd link on the list).
  5. If you have pages with a similar or duplicate names, a box will appear.
  6. Click your mouse in the check box to select the Page(s) that you want to merge.

* That's it! Just keep in mind that Facebook page merges are final!

* This only works for Facebook pages; you cannot merge profiles.

Speaking of Facebook pages ... I invite you to connect with me on Facebook @ My Profile Page, as well as the Mother Baby Child page for moms that have been following this blog and the Viral Marketing Mom page for moms to advertise their blogs, products, services, business links.

I look forward to chatting and learning more about you @ those Facebook pages.

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Mother Baby Child


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