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Wordless Wednesday - Individualism - Thirteen Years Old Going On Thirty

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13 year old son skateboarding at the skate park

13 years old, teenage boy fighting for individualism when he has always been an individual

Going Through Age 13 ... Again! Please Pray For Peace!

My second son turned 13 years old a few weeks ago. He didn't want me to post any pictures of his "special day" nor does he want me taking any pictures of him anymore. These may be my last for a while. This part of 13 is really a drag ... I am sneaking in these pictures of him for Wordless Wednesday today and a few more blog posts about his last few weeks (as soon as I get them written) because this is also a huge part of my life. They are pictures of him at a skate park (parent supervised) and they so project exactly who he is right now. His individuality and being understood have been mastered; now he is fighting for "respect" that struggles to maintain to give. He started fighting with us a few weeks before his 13 birthday. We laughed it off as testosterone kicking in, but ... REALLY ... I think this is on point. Any time I ask him what is wrong with him (when he picks a fight and then apologizes for it), he says "I don't know".

Don't get me wrong! He is still a very sweet boy on most days :) He is just not the same cooperative person that he was at twelve and I can tell that his teen years are going to be hard.

I am going through age 13 again ... it is frightening to me.

The funny thing is we are also going through the "teens" with our 15 month old baby. He has gotten quite "terrible two" lately :)

Please say a little prayer for us :)

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


C.J. said...

Great blog, I already forwarded it on to my pregnant friends! New follower! Would love a follow back at

Jean said...

The dreaded teen years!!! Stay strong mama!! It's going to be a journey even if he never gets into trouble or anything just because of the mood swings :) I am personally dreading my son entering his teens. He's got 3 years to go still but it will fly by faster than I care to admit

Susan said...

Oh boy!! Better days are coming!! Cute shots anyhow. I totally understand.

Hang in there...

Lea Hunt said...

Thanks ladies ... I am trying :)

Anitra said...

Kids keep us on their toes, don't they? Take deep breaths and keep smiling :-).

Lea Hunt said...

They certainly do, @Anitra

Gina said...

Great blog! New follower, please follow back. Thanks!

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