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Monday Marketing Tip - Best Blog Comment - How This Is Abused By 4 Types Of Bloggers

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How To Write The Best Comments for Blogs - Monday Marketing Tip

Want To Know How To Write The Best Blog Comments For Marketing & Develop Real Friendships: This Is Abused By 4 Types Of Bloggers!

Yes, I am writing this week's Marketing Tip on blog commenting ... This is a subject that should come easy to most of us, but is abused by four types of bloggers: 1) Wanna Be, 2) Newbie, 3) Oblivious and 4) Bad Bad Marketer. Now, the person commenting can be a combination of the three (ex: The Wanna Be SEO Marketer or Oblivious Wanna Be), but they are basically all doing the same ANNOYING things that make you not want to approve their comments, none-the less, continue to associate with their blog. DON'T leave these types of blog comments (blog spam) if you want to be a respected mom blogger. Read further to understand EXACTLY what I mean! If you would prefer to catch up on previous week's Monday Marketing Tip, please do so and then come back to read this Best Blog Comment post!

Don't forget to read the Blog Comment Etiquette at the end of this post!

Wanna Be Best Blog Comment

The "Wanna Be" Guru / Borderline Spammer

The "Wanna Be" blogger posts comments that show no discretion in comparison to their advanced blogging and marketing skills. I call them a "Wanna Be" because they come off as wanting to be a "Super Mom Blogger" when the reality is that REAL Super Mom Blog Gurus don't do the same tacky things they do. The real "Super Mom Blogger Gurus" leave genuine comments with their pen or real names attached; maybe a link or proper signature etiquette on their comments. Some "gurus" don't reciprocate blog comments at all - which is rude and snobby, but they justify it as being short on time or only time to comment on friends blogs - that should be another post about how they should hire a VA ... Regardless, the point is that "gurus" are followed because of their skill not spam comments.

Ok, so now you know the different between the "Wanna Be" and "Super Mom Blog Guru", let me explain how the "Wanna Be" ALWAYS leaves blog comments:

The "Wanna Be" abuses your Comment Luv and will "do follow" comment you to death. They leave a quick sentence that is usually not relative to what your post is about and then a paragraph that mentions something about their blog, links the name of their blog and shows the link to their blog in your comment section. They never use their real name (not on Blogger, Social Networks, etc.). They do stupid things as if they are a Newbie (like blog hopping to a heart felt post instead of finding a post that is more appropriate for their superficial comment. Most of their comments are similar to "Visiting from blog hop ... then a paragraph about nothing relative to your post followed by their clickable website link and their blog name as a clickable link ... maybe more text" ... Meanwhile, they subscribed to your RSS to come spam your blog posts and lead visitors to their relative blog posts and / or visiting from someone else's hop and leading you to their blog hop. Plus, they distract people that are commenting to your very serious heart felt blog post and encouraging more Wanna Be and Newbies to SPAM COMMENT on your serious and heartfelt blog content. They spam your social network posts ... they do not post spam comments on their blogs at all ... etc, etc, etc. They are "Wanna Be" snobs and spammers.

You might confuse a super aggressive blog marketer or blog hop hosts as a "Wanna Be" if they do this every time you hop and on everyone's blog. They especially do this on others blog hop posts / pages as to run your commenters from your blog to their blogs. MEANWHILE, the point of a blog hop is for the participant to stay at your blog and hop there first (finish visiting the list before moving to another blog hop). Although not exactly unethical blog business, it is rude - shows lack of finesse and inability to drive blog traffic any other way!

* UGG! If this "Wanna Be" is you ... tone it down or stay off our blogs! Our comment sections are NOT billboards in support of your blog marketing efforts. I personally delete your SPAM. I rarely permit them on my non-linky, heartfelt, blog posts and I do stop visiting your blog (even if you have an awesome Blog Hop or Linky) because your Mom Blog Marketing and "friendship" really STINKS.

Are you Oblivious or just ignoring your blog comment mistakes?

The "Oblivious" Blog Commenter

The "Oblivious" blogger has no clue they are spamming. They have no idea that they are coming off as a "Wanna Be" or "Newbie" ... they are totally oblivious to Internet & Blog Etiquette. They are not "Newbie" bloggers; just dictionary definition "ignorant" until they learn better (if that ever happens). The "Oblivious" blogger uses all CAPS, newsletter and comment spam like crazy. The "Oblivious" blogger does not use discretion when commenting. Unlike the "Wanna Be", they comment on the non-linky / serious content posts without thinking (as if every section of your blog is for their promotion and blog hopping comments) ... they just don't have the couth / manners. THEY ARE and ARE THOUGHT OF equivalent to what is stated in stereotype jokes ... Yes, I am going to "go there" as my family trees fork from Hillbilly and Ghetto ... The "Oblivious" blogger is Hillbilly or Ghetto, per say, until she learns how to become a desired blog friend or (God forbid) one of the other undesirable types of blog commenters.

A blogger may not realize they are an "Oblivious" blog commenter, therefore it is appropriate to kindly point your standards out to them, so they know how to comment on your blog. I have seen some bloggers post a Commenting Policy, so that all of their readers know.

Newbie Blog Comments

The "Newbie" Blogger

The "Newbie" blogger comments similar to the "Wanna Be" and the "Oblivious". They are annoying in a child-like way because they are obviously new and trying to get the word out. The nice thing about a "Newbie" is that she wants to do her best and accomplish goals, so she is paying attention to blog posts like Monday Marketing Tip and learning as quickly as she can. She eventually tones things down or steps them up appropriately to hopefully become an awesome, commenting, Mom Blog Guru. Unfortunately, the contrary is that she follows and mirrors a stinkin' "Wanna Be" and you end up ignoring her after all of her hard work in learning how to post the best comments. C'est la via!

* If you are a New Blogger, please keep reading, so that you can learn fast and correct mistakes from the start! More experienced bloggers should tactfully help Newbies out instead of abusing their blog comment areas.

Block Spam Blog Comments

The "Bad Bad Marketer" / Cockroach

The "Bad Bad Marketer" is the trickiest of all. She leaves comments that makes you want to click from the dashboard to see if it is really a mom blogger or spammer, sometimes the comments are so INAPPROPRIATE that you immediately click spam to get rid of them. On the contrary, sometimes the comments are written so well (with the link slid into the paragraph content with relevant anchor text), that it takes a few seconds to decide whether to post their comment or not. These are the bloggers that do not bother to add a picture to their Wordpress or Blogger Profiles; some do not even have a link to their website or list of blogs. They are like ghost bloggers :) They are often Offshore Outsource hires that we were tricked into thinking were quality Virtual Assistant or Mom Blog Services. "Bad Bad Marketer" uses bots, abuse "do follow" blogs and blog spams the same messages everywhere. They are like the "Cockroaches" of the blog sphere and there is nothing that you can do but click DELETE to squash them.

* I report and delete Bad Bad Marketers, so they might as well stay off my blogs!

Want To Know How To Write The Best Blog Comments & Develop Real Friendships With Other Mom Bloggers?

Read this Monday Marketing Tip blog post AGAIN ... more slowly this time, so that you can pick up and eliminate any that applies to you. There is a blog ethics and blog etiquette to adhere ... most is common sense, but there are "fine lines", too. Those "fine lines" are what we sometimes need help distinguishing (we do not pick up by just watching) and that is REALLY O.K. as long as you are trying and eventually learn what is good blog commenting or not.

Basic Blog Comment Etiquette:
  1. Take the time to read the person's blog post before commenting. Mom bloggers value the opinions and / or relevant discussions of our content.

  2. Comment on appropriate blog posts. Don't leave Blog Hop & Follow comments on blog posts that are not relevant unless that person did not think ahead to make one available, then it is necessary.

  3. Write honest blog comments, but don't be rude (similar to if you don't have something nice to say ... but, it does not have to be 100% in support of the bloggers post, but avoid being disrespectful).

  4. It is a competitive blog-eats-blog mommy world, but there is no excuse for testing "nice" blog owners and taking advantage of Newbie bloggers by commenting like a "Wanna Be" or with your borderline spam posts. No one wants that kind of friendship from you. All I can say is "Fake it til you make it" ... OK???

  5. When you leave a comment, it automatically links to your Blogger profile or blog link, you REALLY DO NOT need to post a link to your site in the comment section. If you must add your link to your comment, post it just once or as part of an appropriate blog signature (like you do in forums), so that it is not spam ... SEE #6

  6. Gauge each blog ... Pay attention to how Mom Blog Gurus comment on your blog and what types of comments they post on their blogs. Look at their heart felt posts as well as the giveaways, reviews, blog hops and see what kind of comments they accept. Some are lax with all ... others filter by what is appropriate per the post).

  7. Make sure to come back to that blog again! Either subscribe to their feed, newsletter and / or at least their comment thread, so that you can get to know the blogger better and then filter which you should stay connected with over time. You can also connect with bloggers that you support at their Facebook, Google + and other social networking sites.

Have a blog etiquette tip that I should add to this list? Did you learn anything about how to write the "Best Blog Comment"? If so, please take a moment to share your thoughts below in the Comment section of this blog :)

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Coby Hunt said...

I really think this is a great post because it is so true. I hope that many will learn from it and use the right way of marketing their blog to gain more of a good following instead of just the same spam each others blogs following.

ohkeeka said...

You should Google the term "comment vomit"--Momcomm wrote a really awesome (and hilarious) post about this topic too. I hate it when people are clearly commenting only to get a visit back. I know that's how people build up their blogs when they're starting out (I did it too), but it's really transparent when someone has no interest in what you're writing!

Lea Hunt said...

@ohkeeka - The name is too funny ... I'll check it out. Right, we were all newbies and I live by the philosophy of "learning everyday", but enough is enough with comment spamming my baby's pictures and other personal posts. The irony is that I received a blog hop comment on my Blue Ivy post just as soon as I published this post ... I was very irritated :)

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