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Wordless Wednesday - Raining

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It is rainy season in Florida. I am ready for sunshine instead of the rain

It's been raining in Florida - On & Off Rain ... Very Warm Winter

Family up north has been explaining what a calm winter it's been for them. It has been the same here in Central Florida with just a little rain and sunshine soon after. This makes for very tropical feeling / warm weather. It feels like it's going to be a scorcher this summer. The funny thing is that people from the North visit Florida during Christmas and January (lots from Canada). They spend time at the beaches and even let their children swim. We find it far too cold to brave the waters at that time of year and the beach water is in the 90s during the summer time (like a bath and not refreshing at all). They come from the North and swim then, too. I would have never thought these the worst times to visit Florida when I lived in the North and dreamed of vacationing in Florida during the Winter or Summer months. I think the best time to visit is mid-March through June. The weather is like summer in the north and you miss all of the congestion during the months that people typically visit.

I'm going to go blog hopping for a while and then over to the new clubs at Social Media Examiner. Join me as a friend there and Pinterest, too :)

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Brooke Becker said...

This image is so beautiful ...

Susan said...

What a beautiful picture!!!

Lea Hunt said...

Thank you :) This is actually an animated .gif, but I guess Blogger doesn't support them :( Happy Hump Day!

Grace InAZ said...

What a great really sets a mood! I love a warm rain.
Hugs, GraceinAZ

Kajal said...

wow! look at that inDubai it hardly ever rains and my 11 year old stands under the shower with an umbrella to feel it. Envy the places where it rains.


Lea Hunt said...

@Grace InAZ - Awe, thank you :) I liked it more when I didn't have a toddler. Now he wants to be outside all of the time :)

Lea Hunt said...

@Kajal - LOL, that is what I am feeling about snow in the summertime :) My friend lived in Dubai for a while and said that it was super hot. It was quite an adjustment for her.

Faith and Family Reviews said...

What a beautiful photo!

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