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Your Baby Can Read - Week 3

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Your Baby Can Read Review - Week 3 Report

Your Baby Can Read - Week 3 - 1/30/2012 to 2/5/2012

This is our 3rd week using Your Baby Can Read and I am excited to share our experience with the program. It is becoming part of our baby's daily routine and he seems to enjoy watching the video now. I did not think that he liked the video as much as using the Sliding Word Cards in Week 1 and Week 2, but we can see how relaxed he is now. His father and I discussed a few important details as to why he is starting to pay attention and enjoy the system more.

Sorry that I posted this late ...I had to get all of the notes and video together :)

  1. Your Baby Can Read uses real children as examples. His other programs use puppets and animated characters, therefore Your Baby Can Read was not as attractive to him at first, though has gained his focus by week 3. This is not just because of repetition, but because he notices they are real children making example for him. He watches them intently and sometimes copies what they say to do. His little eyebrows are raised the whole time he watches the Your Baby Can Read video and our baby is NOT easily distracted while watching Your Baby Can Read as you can see in the Week 3 Video below:

  2. Your Baby Can Read uses real animals. This is the same concept as I was explained in #1 except they are animals. I was irritated at first as to why they would include animals as part of the first set of words, but our baby loves seeing the animals as much - if not more - than the children. In fact, he clearly recognizes and makes the sounds for elephant, tiger, cat and dog by this 3rd week. I am sure that the past months of exposure to these animals have been beneficial as well, BUT he makes the connection while doing the Sliding Word Cards and when we read books. His animal book is now his favorite book. "Mama Love Me" is his second favorite book. I think it's because they are elephants as he made an elephant sound when he insisted that we read it.

This is what I noticed after using Your Baby Can Read for 3 weeks:

  • Our baby sometimes lifts his arms or touches his nose while playing alone, and then laughs out loud. It is as if he is thinking about it and then smiling because he did it.

  • He sometimes walks up to me and does a little growl (Tiger) to try to attract me to play with him or get his animal book.

  • He pointed to the cats in the magazine and then looked at me (as if to say, "do you see it?")

  • He is starting to talk back to the Your Baby Can Read video. Just "hi" and little babbles as if he might be repeating.

  • He now pay close attention to his Baby Einstein Wild Animal Safari where he used to run around the room and ignore it.

  • He says "Hi" and does "Clap" on demand now, though still does not put those our when doing the Sliding Word Cards.

  • He sits to watch Your Baby Can Read when not in the high chair, too.

Well, this sums up our 3rd week using Your Baby Can Read. As always, I am interested to know what your experience has been with the program or if you are thinking about trying Your Baby Can Read. Let us know what you think!

You can learn more about this Early Reading System,
by visiting the Your Baby Can Read page!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed how much this first introductory video captivates my daughter too. My daughter Willow has been watching it for almost four weeks and we're about to switch to the next one. She's just about to turn 10months old. She's not touching her nose or clapping, although she loves it when I help to do those motions during the video. When she watches by herself she laughs and smiles at her favourite parts. It's becoming part of our daily routine as well. I'm still not sure if it's going to help her to read in the end, but she's learning about animals and simple actions I'd like to teach her anyway.

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