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Monday Marketing Tip | Brilliant Ideas Reality

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Mom Marketing Tip, Blogging for Business

A Brilliant Idea Turned Into A Reality | Monday Marketing Tip

One of my cousins has always had a plethora of information to share. As a child, he was the "go to guy" in his own right; he was our walking encyclopedia of interesting facts, biblical scriptures, solutions to problems and brilliant ideas. He spoke with such passion and variety that I felt like I was hanging out with my own little Albert Einstein. On the other hand, conversations sometimes became overwhelming because he tried to share everything on his mind at one time. It wasn't until recently that I realized that our family did my cousin an injustice. Although each one of us was a listening ear at one point or another, the adults should have taught him how to filter and turn those brilliant ideas into reality. If they had, he might have been a millionaire by now! The issue is that one has to recognize "genius" for what it is in order to know how to foster it. This Monday Marketing Tip will discuss how to recognize, filter and foster good ideas for yourself or clients. Think of it as an unofficial guide for turning ideas into reality :)

"Everyone is in love with their own ideas." - Carl Jung

I hadn't spoken with that cousin in a while, so his mother passed him the phone to say "hello" one day. He barely made it through 3 minutes of small talk before he jumped into a 1/2 hour conversation about an ingenious idea that he had been wanting to share with me. It truly was a brilliant idea, but I did not bite. He was just not persuasive enough to get me moving on it. He was excitedly in love with this idea (which I still would help him with after he does more research), but it did not naturally peak my interests on a professional level. On the other hand, I am very much interested in the subject on a personal level. If we had discussed it as a hobby for 1/2 hour, it might have taken just 3 minutes to make me understand why I should help with the brilliant idea. THAT is marketing! Everyone loves their own business, ideas, topics of interest ... it is your job to determine whether it is a good enough one to share with others (even if it is your own) and how you will accomplish that task.

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you cannot get them across, your ideas will not get you anywhere." ~ Lee Iacocca

My cousin is an Einstein in his own right and has always had brilliant ideas! The problem is that he does not know how to present his idea, so that others will become as passionate as he is about the concept. He shares all of his brilliant ideas with the expectation that others will understand the potential and turn the ideas into reality. Meanwhile, they are extremely niche ideas that someone would have to be equally passionate about to deal with the complications of putting them into action. What does this mean to you? It means that you might come up with a business or idea that you think is good, but what matters is whether it will interest others. In some cases, you can create the market, though you have to weigh whether that business or idea is worth the work and time. For example, you must present a business or product for review that will interest your followers and project what your followers will respond to.

"A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one." - Mary Kay Ash

On the other hand, my cousin only presented one brilliant idea to me. He did not overwhelm me with information or take up too much time on his interest. He has learned how to filter through ideas and for the right audience. In his mind, I was the right family member to present his most recent idea to because it is relative to the type of work that I do. Although that is just one part of filtering and presenting a brilliant idea, it is an important factor especially for Mom Bloggers that represent products, services and giveaways. You have to choose the right product for the right markets. You have to decide whether it is best to select one product that is reared towards your existing blog following or 10 products that you will tweet in hopes of getting a better response.

"Ideas won't keep. Something must be done
about them." - Alfred North Whitehead

Whether you are a mom blogger or marketing executive, you need to know how to narrow down the options and choose what will work well. The next step if to present this information to the correct markets in order to obtain desirable results. This takes time to perfect, but not as long as seeing a brilliant concept or business dream go nowhere ... Take time to learn how to turn ideas into reality!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Anonymous said...

Hello Lea, I have been following your Monday Marketing tips and have found them extremely valuable because if I do a Google Search to learn these types of things I come across many sites that just want to sell me things that aren't even close to what you provide for free, so thank you very much for providing us with these wonderful marketing tips that are for sure at a collage marketing degree level.

Lea Hunt said...

@Anonymous - Awe, thank you. I am glad they are useful to you.

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