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Wordless Wednesday - Baby's 1st Ice Cream Cone @ Chinese Restaurant (14 Months Old)

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We haven't taken our baby out to a restaurant in 6 months. 1st because I get all freaked out that he's going to get sick from touching and trying to eat everything he touches. 2nd because there are no organic food restaurants where we live and 3rd because I worry about how the food is cooked ... I was outnumbered this time and ended up giving into my husband and 12 year old! We took the baby to have his 1st Chinese restaurant experience (scrubbed the table and chair with Purell). He loved it and was such a good baby!

Wordless Wednesday pictures of our 14 month old eating his first ice cream cone (well, it was really frozen yogurt). We enjoyed watching him!

Mama, what is this?

Ice cream? I'll just give it a little lick, ok?

Can I use it as a microphone ... "La La La"?

That is what cold is ...? This is a brain freeze?

OK, I'm gonna slow down and use my finger as a spoon :)

I was amazed by how well he did (he is a very active toddler after all). He was open to trying a variety of foods, though did not like and threw the Chinese donut first (both of his brothers always liked them best). This is the first time that he did not throw his plate of food (as he does at home). He actually ate off of a plate for the entire meal. He did make a little mess on the floor and his face, but no food on his clothes. I could not believe it! I was extremely proud that he DID NOT want to get down and run all over the restaurant.

In Motherly Love,

Mother Baby Child


Whitney said...

Aww! So sweet! We just went out for frozen yogurt last night. Yummo! With out the guilt! ;)

Mellissa Hanks said...

lol what a fun first :O)

Elly Filho said...

what a cute baby :)
and the ice cream time looked fun ..

P.S. Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog :) Blesses

Epic said...

How cute! Dropping by from the hop to follow you .

Lindsay said...

Aww, looks like baby really enjoyed that froyo!!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to share that moment.That's going to be in over a rear however.

I'm still afraid of taking my son to places. He's 12 weeks old and has only been to a store once. We have to go to his brother's birthday party this weekend and honestly I'm afraid of all the germs. haha.

Lea Hunt said...

Thank you everyone :)

Lea Hunt said...

@themiraclemomma - I hear you! It wouldn't be so bad if the restaurants actually sanitized between settings :(

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