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Black Friday Blues & Mom Business Marketing

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Black Friday, Mother Baby Child

Got The Black Friday Blues ... Is Your Mom Business Ready?

Black Friday is a day that I try to avoid, but it is virtually impossible with all of the sales flyers, television and Internet advertisement overwhelming my family with so called "Black Friday Deals" on stuff we do not need. My husband has been window shopping online all day. My tween keeps adding "stuff" to his Christmas list. I even noticed my baby going all goo goo eyed and talking to the television, yesterday, because of all of the new toys they keep advertising on Sprout and Nick Jr (meanwhile his favorite commercial used to be the Baby Bullet). Stuff! Stuff! Stuff! Stuff! Stuff! This all puts the B-L-A-C-K in Black Friday for me and makes me emphasize the CHRIST in Christmas for their brainwashed minds.

Just the name itself is a drag. "BLACK" usually represents gloom or evil opposed to the intended meaning of "Black Friday" which is when companies anticipate getting out of the red and into the black to kick off their holiday shopping / sales season. Meanwhile, I wonder if the major retail stores will do as well as they expect this year? They sure make things more difficult for small business owners that are trying to stay abreast in this economy.

ON THE OTHER HAND ... I am all for Mom Business Owners and Mompreneurs that are trying to increase sales during Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the 2011 Holiday Season.

If this is you (a mom with Black Friday discounts, Cyber Monday specials or general Christmas deals) and you would like a little help marketing your blog, website, videos, etc. Just let me know! I have several Mom Marketing packages that are affordable and can help you pick up web traffic and sales while you are handling the more important details of your business.

The goal is to make shopping much more convenient for your customers and help brand your Mom Business for months / years to come. Starting with Cyber Monday and ending on January 2nd, I will extend these Mom Marketing packages at the lowest possible rates for my time; which calculates to less than if you were paying an offshore outsource company and FAR LESS than a Virtual Assistant. This will give you far better results. Those who lock in now can retain these rates for any time they need my help.

Have the Black Friday Blues? Fortunately, there is still time to perk up for Cyber Monday and the 2011 Holiday Season. I will post Mom Marketing Packages on Cyber Monday. This will include some Marketing Case Studies / Internet Marketing Examples. Do not hesitate to contact me at any time for a personal quote for your mom business marketing or virtual support needs.

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Sarah said...

This is a great idea! I have a list of American-made gift ideas that are ethically made, eco-friendly and made either by hand (mostly by WAHMs) or by small businesses that can all be purchased online. You can check it out here:

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