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Cyber Monday & 2011 Christmas Shopping | Need Help Marketing Your Mom Business?

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Mom Business Cyber Monday Sales & Christmas Holiday Shop Mom Business

It's all about sales and service from Cyber Monday to New Years Day ... Is your Mom Business positioned in places where Christmas Holiday shoppers can find you on the Internet? If not, I can help!

Want to skip the blog post and get info on how you can get help marketing your mom business online? Go to the Mom Business Marketing page. ELSE, read this page to learn more about 2011 Holiday Season stats & get to know me!

With Occupy protesters taking their stance just before the holiday season, retail stores still managed to gain a 20% increase in offline sales and 24.3% increase in online sales on Black Friday. These increased rates are in comparison to last year's shopping percentages, therefore considered a success. Prior to Black Friday, IBM Coremetrics Benchmark shared that Thanksgiving online shopping grew by 39.3% and Small Business Saturday made a soft approach while gaining the support of Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corp.

They have jump started the 2011 Christmas Holiday Shopping Season; the Black Friday stats indicate that the masses are ready to "shop til they drop" for Cyber Monday. In fact, it is projected that we are in store for a projected 35% increase on Cyber Monday sales, too. It feels like there should be a crowd cheering in the background because all we have heard about is the doom and gloom of the economy for the past 3 years.


Well, I was an online marketing consultant for 7 years prior to having our baby and becoming "mommy blogger" again (I have been online for 13 years). I transitioned my professional focus during my pregnancy, though retained personal clients even after our baby was born. This was around the time that I launched this Mother Baby Child Blogspot with hopes that Google would update this service to compete with Wordpress. My thinking was that since they were going gung ho with Google + (after their Buzz failure), and since Blogger is such an integral part of their suite of programs (most come to learn and grown here; including Google Ads), that Google would finally make this blogging platform a more search engine friendly and competitive service ... Regardless, this has nothing to do with marketing your mom business for Christmas EXCEPT that is how you are reading this information and how I can help with some of your online marketing needs.

Need help Internet marketing your mom business for Christmas?

If you have a website or blog that is set up to help moms market their products / services - OR - if you are a mom that is trying to do this on your own and want help marketing your blog, website, social networks, videos, etc. Just let me know!

I am positioned all over the Internet to assist you. Some of the services offered to Mom business owners include Twitter Marketing, Facebook Marketing, LinkedIn Marketing, YouTube Marketing, MySpace Marketing, Website / Blog Design, Website / Blog Content Development, Press Releases / Article Marketing, etc.

Starting with Cyber Monday and throughout Christmas, ending on January 2nd, I will extend these Mom Marketing services that are FAR LESS than hiring a Virtual Assistant, though as competitive as offshore outsourcing EXCEPT work is done here in the USA :) This will give you better results than trying to do everything on your own. Those who use my services now can retain these rates for any time they need my help in the future.

I have posted Cyber Monday / Christmas Marketing Specials on this Mom Business Marketing page. You are welcome to contact me at any time for a personalized quote for your marketing need or technical virtual assistant needs.

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child



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Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate the tip on my Picket Fence Post. I am a follower!

Oh, I also voted for you! Have a wonderful week!

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