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Netflix For Baby Clothes? Do You Buy It?

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Check out this cute video and tell me what you think!

* Please note that I am not a customer nor receive payment for sharing information on Plum Gear. I just think it is a nice resource for parents and have read good reviews.

Plum Gear is a new business that is quickly creating a buzz as the "Netflix for Baby Clothes" for children ages 0 to 2 years old. The offer a cute selection of organically laundered boy and girls clothes for monthly rental ranging from $16 a month for 2 baby outfits and up to $49 a month for 7 baby outfits. They offer "boutique baby clothes" from Egg Baby, Petit Bateau, Kate Quinn Organics and Tea Collection. I was not familiar with these brands until now, but I checked out their website (very easy to use) and the clothes are really cute!

The concept is that you can borrow the baby clothes for as long as you like (just like with Netflix videos). You chose baby outfits depending on what you need and keep them for how long you want to use them (up to 30 days or more). So long as your account is active, you have no restocking fees. They provide free round trip shipping, so you order the outfits you want online, the company ships them the baby clothes to you and then you ship them back to Plum Gear when you are finished with them.

Aside of the convenience, what I like about this service is that moms don't have to worry if the baby clothes get's these clothes stained or damaged. In that case, Plum Gear will repair the item of clothing and then donated to foster care, or send badly damaged to a clothing recycle facility.

You would have to do the math on whether this is more cost effective for your budget, but for someone that likes these baby clothes brands and would like to add variety to their baby's wardrobe, renting baby clothes might be a desirable option.

Would you use this baby clothes rental service?

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Karla said...

What an interesting idea! I'm past the point of needing baby clothes but this sounds pretty cool.

I'm visiting from the Alexa hop.


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