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Exhausted Baby | Wordless Wednesday

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Exhausted Baby Sleeping on Boppy Pillow

Exhausted Baby Sleeping On Boppy Pillow

OK, I know this is Wordless Wednesday and a picture should say it all, but I have to share just a few words ... "I conquered" ... "I defeated" ... "I wore the baby out to the point that he put himself to sleep" - WOO HOO!!! I am so excited to share this picture because he has NOT been sleeping as much as I think that he should (two short naps and maybe up at night one time). Our baby was on a fantastic schedule, but teething has taken over ... again. We have tried everything; even the pacifier is in his pack n play. He hasn't taken a pacifier since he was about 3 months, but likes gumming on this one sometimes. Now, if I could get him to put himself to sleep at night ... :)

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Danielle @ "We Have It All" said...

Awww what a sweet photo!!

I read your "about me" area up at the top and I am a lot like you. We have an 18 yr old, 14, 13, 11... and a 2 yr old. AND we just found out we have our last one on the way too. BIG space difference! But we love it! It sure was interesting starting all over though!

Anyway, Good Morning... I am visiting from on of the Alexa Hops. Stop by if you get a chance:

I have a WW post up with a linky if you are interested :)

Have a fantastic day!

LC Hunt said...

@Danielle @ "We Have It All" - Nice to meet you, Danielle. Yes, that is quite a range you have between children, but it's nice that you have lots of helpers there :) My 12 year old is just incredible with the baby. OK, I will hop on over. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day :)

Marsha C said...

My daughter would love to have one of those pillow.
What type of items would you be interested in exchanging reviews of? said...

I love love the picture! I can't even pretend to know what it is like to start again. I love babies but I tell my 4 children (between 11 and 18) that I can wait for the grand kids! I'm giving back the follow love, and I look forward to visiting often!

LC Hunt said... - LOL, Brenda. That's exactly where I was before I got pregnant with Max, but my husband and I are sure enjoying the age difference. Yes, I look forward to our keeping in touch :)

Anonymous said...

Aww. So sweet.

Kelly @ In Everything said...

very cute;)

Shelly said...

A precious picture! So glad he finally got some rest. Oh, those teething days- I do hope they come and go quickly!

LC Hunt said...

@Shelly, @Sarah, @Kelly @ In Everything - Thank you :) I think that has been the worse part of teething, you know?

Lindsey Lee said...

Added you via GFC :)
That is the cutest picture! Don't you just love when they zonk out? Glad he got some sleep :D

Feel free to visit my blog, too :)

bailey said...

im a new follower through blog hop thursday, i hope you can follow me back at

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