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Wordless Wednesday | Join Google + Page

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Mother Baby Child Google + Page - Please Meet Me There!

OK, I have to get a little wordy this Wordless Wednesday ...

You might have heard a rumor that Google is getting rid of their Google Friend Connect. This is partially true, but here is the deal. Google Friend Connect will work on / blogs, but will no longer integrate on non-Blogger blogs after March 2011. On the other hand, Google has extended their uber popular Google + (Google Plus) service to include PAGES ... just like we have on Facebook. This is the link to the Mother Baby Child Google + page and I invite you to join me there by ADDING THIS PAGE TO YOUR CIRCLES; circles is how we add and organize friends on this service.

Google + pages is going to be a DEFINITE PLUS for your mom business / mom blog marketing. You should set one up immediately and add that badge to your blog sidebar, so that other moms can start connecting with you.

Want to know why you should use Google + anyways? 1) Moms are joining and setting up pages like crazy since they heard about the Google Friend Connect changes and 2) there are some Internet Marketing advantages that we all have access to.

Visit my other blog post Why Mom Bloggers Need To Use Google + as soon as possible, so that you can better understand how great Google Plus is for you!
Build your network at the Google + Hop for Mom Bloggers!

In Motherly Love,
Mother Baby Child


Africa's Blog said...

Here's my page link

I cannot go on Google + at work!! so if you add me I'll add you back tonight, or I'll stop by again tonight!!


WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

I hate this change and feel it was a direct ploy to get more people to use their "not going that great" Google Plus.

At least I have until March to figure out what I'm doing for followers of my non-Blogger blog.

Sarah said...

You seem to be an expert in this area. I would love to learn more about how to use Goggle+ and what the benefits there are for bloggers. I am very resistant to this change and yet another social media application to use.

Grace InAZ said...

Thanks for posting this. I, too am trying to get set up on G+. I hope you'll add me back. I am on blogger, but thought my GFC was going away. I am happy to hear all my hard work to gain followers is not for nothing.
I can't seem to load photos on g+ except from web cam or phone, so am pretty confused right now. the add photos box just keeps jumping around and won't browse my computer. If you have any suggestions, I'd welcome them!
Hugs, GraceinAZ

Kathryn said...

found you on the hop, following your google+ page, would love a google+ follow back!

LC Hunt said...

@Kathryn - You've got it :)

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